About Me

picture of Helena in black and white

Hi, I’m Helena, the face and voice behind this baking blog! Nice to meet you! Here are some quick facts about me:

Age: 29
Location: Estonia
Pets: 2 cats
Favourite food: cheese (in any shape and form)
Favourite book: Spark of Life by Remarque / Harry Potter
Other hobbies: I sing in a choir, love reading, and also play video games!

I have loved cooking and baking as long as I can remember. When I was younger, one of my favourite games to play was “café” – I would spend hours putting together a menu, cooking up different “dishes” and then selling them to my family. Yup, you got it – my mom bought the groceries and then had to pay again to eat them. Oops!

About 2 years ago, I jumped the gun and decided to start a small business making macarons. I had made my first ones only a few months before that, so this has been a wonderful and terrifying experience all at once. I still don’t claim to be an expert. By the way, even if you think you might be an expert, NEVER say it out loud. I swear, those macarons will hear you and the next batch will become crackarons instead! I am still trying to figure the details out and the business has been more of a low-scale one (on purpose), but you can most likely expect some macaron stories on this blog as well!

Despite that, I don’t think of myself as a professional chéf or a baker, not by any means. My educational background is in psychology and I work in IT. However, the kitchen is my favourite place in the whole world and I consider baking to be my therapy. It works great, most of the time (I’m looking at you, macarons!). Whenever there is a party with my friends, you will find me from the kitchen preparing yet another dish to make sure everyone is fed (read: so full they can’t eat anymore) and happy. 🙂

The goal of this blog is not to showcase perfect recipes, but rather to talk about the journey of cooking and baking – with all the ups and downs, successes and failures. I want to show you that you can create deliciousness with little effort. I also want to show you that somehow it’s still possible to mess up recipes you’ve tried many times. The main message, however, is – try something new, learn from it, and enjoy the process!

With all my heart,
Helena ♡