GBBO Technicals Season 1 – Victoria Sandwich

Firstly, if you are looking for the short version of the Victoria Sandwich recipe to do the Technical Challenge yourself, go to this post instead. I highly recommend you not to read further to avoid spoilers. In this post, I’m going to give you an overview of my “try” of the Victoria Sandwich Technical Challenge instead.

Secondly, uhm, let me start by saying that I’m so-so sorry. What you’re about to see is not for the faint-hearted. If you get easily nauseous or cry at the sight of some failed cakes, please do not scroll down.

I’ll mention right away that I did use the time restriction and the short challenge version of the recipe. Even though I created that post and know what the end result should look like, I didn’t memorize the instructions from the “real” recipe (although, now I wish I did…) – so when only the short recipe was in front of me, it was still rather challenging.

Also, the time restriction. Oh boy. 40 minutes goes by SO QUICKLY. Even if you want to be chill about the whole process, it’s really difficult to manage everything in such a short time.

What happened?

Isn’t this beautiful?

I used only one 22cm tin instead of two 20cm ones. I just didn’t have the second one and I didn’t want to specifically buy one. I thought it will be fine if I just split the cake into two layers after it’s done. WRONG!

It didn’t cook through. When I had only a few minutes left on the clock and I just HAD to take it out of the oven so I could at least attempt to put some jam in between. When trying to cut it, however, it immediately sunk in the middle and broke apart. Also, I could clearly see that it was still raw in the middle. It needed at least 5 more minutes that I just didn’t have. Maybe I also took too long when I was mixing the batter at the beginning…

Oh well, what can you do.

broken cake on a glass cake stand

I’m not sad though. The end result was just hilarious, so I still took the pics. I also tasted the sides of the cake as these were cooked – it was good! Just fell short on time. As I keep saying, bakers fail all the time and what happens behind the scenes is not picture-perfect. So, don’t be discouraged to try this yourself. But please use two tins! 🙂

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  • Oh lawwwd! I would have never dared try this technical challenge without ever having made Victoria sponge before and am sure my result would’ve been the same. Thank you for being brave and putting your failures out here, hilarious indeed and so real! Best of luck with your future attempts 💪🏼🍀

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